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The Chicagoland Perfusion Foundation 2023 Annual Meeting Agenda 

Saturday, March 4th 2023

Rivers Casino, Heart Room. Des Plaines, Illinois

8:30am- 9:00am- Vendor setup and registration open (ID required for registration).


Student Lecture Sessions: 


Moderators-Greg Mork CCP, Julie Collins CCP, Bradley Kulat CCP


9:00am-9:20am- Benton Farrell, Quinnipiac University perfusion student


Comparison of Intra-aortic balloon pump and Impella for treatment of

acute myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock


9:20am-9:40am- Logan Hislope, Rush University perfusion student


Timing of Initiation of COVID VV ECMO. Did it matter? Did it not matter? Why are we asking?


9:40am-10:00am- Nicholas Lozanovski, Quinnipiac University perfusion student


Surgical AVR with CABG versus TAVR with PCI in patients with significant CAD


10:00am-10:20am- Cris Parra, Rush University perfusion student


The advent of Cytosorb to augment the treatment of COVID ECMO


10:20am-10:40am- Anita Parker, Rush University perfusion student


Potential evolution of the Perfusionist role in adult congenital cases


10:40am-11:30am- Student and Perfusionist Interactive Panel- 


David Kouri, CCP Emeritus, Dave Durdov CCP, Steve Moss, CCP


Perfusion Education and clinical rotations: Viewpoint from students, clinical affiliates and perfusionists




Break – 11:30am-12:00



A Working Lunch: Boxed lunch served during lectures.


Moderators- Chris Wurzer CCP, Bradley Kulat CCP, Dave Chabot CCP


12:00pm-12:30pm- Greg Mork, CCP. Rush University. Guest speaker for Grifols


Hereditary Antithrombin Deficiency (hATd) and Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Risk:

Are You Asking the Right Questions?


12:30pm- 1:00pm- Verna Nelson- Principle Clinical Specialist, Terumo Cardiovascular


Product Training During the COVID-19 Pandemic


1:00pm-1:30pm- Angie Zupancic- Area Business Manager, ACD. Werfen 


Powering Patient Care in the CV OR


1:30pm-2:00pm- Dr. Christopher Mehta MD, Director of “Code Aorta” program and assistant professor of surgery, attending cardiac surgeon at Northwestern University.


Code Aorta – rapid on set requires rapid deployment


2:00pm- 2:30pm- Break


2:30pm-3:00pm- Dr. Benjamin Bryner MD, Associate director heart transplantation and mechanical support,assistant professor of surgery at Northwestern University.


Transmedics Organ Care System use at Northwestern


3:00pm-3:45pm- Honored Keynote Speaker- Dr. Robert Bartlett MD, Active Professor Emeritus, Acute Care Surgery at University of Michigan.


ECMO-Past, Present and the Future


3:45pm-4:30pm- Dr. Antone Tatooles MD, Assistant professor, department of cardiovascular surgery, Rush Medical College, Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgical Associates, Advocate Christ Medical Center.


ECMO today and cannulation strategies 


4:30pm-5:00pm- Panel discussion, Dr. Mehta, Dr. Bryner, Dr. Bartlett, Dr. Tatooles



5:00pm-6:00pm- Cocktail Hour and vendor interaction. 



Dinner Special Presentations and Evening Lectures:


Moderators: Randy McGregor CCP, Andy Jaley, Stephanie Canchola CCP


6:00pm-7:30pm- My experience on ECMO. Three Patient Perspectives.


Maria Young, ECMO Patient and Founder of Maria’s Miracle.


Nick Dodge- ECMO patient, double lung recipient.


Nelson Tamandong ECMO patient.


7:30pm-8:15pm- James Brown CCP, Northshore University Health System. Randy McGregor CCP, Northwestern University, Mike Kotwas CCP, Perfusion Technologists of Greater Chicago.


Alternative strategies for CRRT on ECMO round table discussion


8:15pm-8:45pm- Yesenia Garcia RT, Rush University


Cannulate, Extubate, Ambulate


8:45pm- 9:00pm- Yesenia Garcia RT, James Brown CCP, Randy McGregor CCP, Mike Kotwas CCP.


Wrap up-What did we learn today? ECMO panel


9:00pm-9:30pm- Awards, scholarships and vendor interactive awards


9:30pm- Adjournment

Meeting Agenda: Saturday March 5th, 2022.

1:00pm-1:15     Kelly Williamson- Perfusion Student Rush University. 

                              Implementation of ECMO for the treatment of pregnant and postpartum patients due to COVID. 

1:15-1:45            Jason Schultz- PBM Specialist, Werfen. 

                             Patient Blood Management using ROTEM Viscoelastic Testing. 

1:45-2:00            Kaitlyn Gelsinger- Perfusion Student. Hofstra University.                           

                             From Operational Awareness to Situational Awareness: How a Combat Zone Helped Influence                                                  Preparation and Perception in the Operating Room. 

2:00 -2:30           Suzanne Osborne- Lead Clinical Specialist Terumo Cardiovascular. 

                             Monitoring of ALL Clinical Parameters - Are we at the crossroads and need tighter ranges and do we                                        need to look at how we control these parameters? 

2:30-2:40            Panel Questions 

2:40- 3:00           Break 

3:00-3:45            Dr. Ankit Bharat - Chief of Thoracic Surgery at Northwestern Medicine and Director of the Lung                                                  Transplant program. 

                             Extracorporeal Support and Lung Transplantation for COVID 19 

3:45- 4:15           Neil Nye- Senior Group Marketing Manager, Perfusion and ECLS Products. Medtronic. 

                             Advancements in ECLS Products and Patient Care.  

4:15- 5:00          Dr Sara Mirza- Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep                                                  Medicine, Rush Medical College  

                            The Evolution of VV ECMO. How COVID-19 has changed the playing field. 


5:00-6:30           Student Poster Presentations/Cocktails/Appetizers. Relocate to Albert for Dinner


6:30-7:00           Owen’s story and the Bob Lehne scholarship Presentation


7:00-7:30           Vendor Journey and recognition -- It’s more than just sales.

Matt Malmon

Brad Bertoia

Mark Hildebrandt

7:30-8:00         Awards and honors


8:00-9:00           My Life as a Perfusionist. Perfusion Journeys- Retired Perfusionists panel 

What did I learn during my perfusion career:

What worked, What went wrong and What would I do again.

Cyndi Piotter

Jamal Sinno

David Kouri

Dennis Sobieski

9:00-10:00       Social hour and Tom Foolery 


*Although the pandemic is still a fluid situation, the CPF meeting will comply with City of Chicago COVID protocols at the time of the meeting. It is encouraged to download your vaccination status when registering for the meeting, just in case! We do not anticipate any further restrictions or cancelations. 

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